In the elementary school many new things are introduced to the child. Each new grade is based upon the knowledge of the previous grade. So the students need to prepare themselves for more difficult learning in the middle and high school. There are many things that a child needs to know by the time he gets to grade three, while he will learn many new things in that year of his school.


In the grade second, students are taught the basics of reading and writing. So by the time a student reaches to grade three, he must be able to read books and stories comprehensively. They must also be able to write in print. By the time a student gets to third grade, his language skills are improved. There vocabulary starts to expand; they learn the ability to reason, hold conversation and debate on several subjects.By the time a student gets to third grade, he must know how to use dictionary to look up the meanings of difficult words.


In the grade second, math’s lessons are kept quite simple so that the students can get enough time to use the numbers. Therefore it is necessary that students entering in grade third know addition and subtraction of single and double digit numbers. It would be a plus point if student knows multiplication too. In the third grade, students are taught more complex math’s, they would learn to multiply single and double numbers as well as divide single and double numbers. Fractions are also introduced in grade three, starting with smaller easier fractions. Students entering into third grade must know the basics of time telling, and in the grade three they must be able to tell time in much smaller units.


By the time student gets to third grade, science and social studies become more complex subjects. Prior to grade three, these subjects are just lightly touched like learning the names of continents and oceans or something about water cycles. In the grade three the students would learn about the solar system, the states of matter and food chain etc. So it would be better if students can already learn these things in their summer holidays, so that they already know what their teacher is teaching.


Third-grade students at this level should be able to work in the form of groups on their classroom projects. Students learn to become more cooperative when they get to grade three. At this stage students tend to make more friends, establishing solid bonds with their friends and class mates. In a way it is quite helpful in keeping the peer pressure away from them.

Mothers at home are requested that summer holidays are the best chance to teach your child whatever he would be learning in the next grade. So make a good use of the summer holidays so that your child do not lack behind from the rest of students.