Before getting to second grade children need to polish their reading and writing skills that were introduced in the kindergarten and grade first. When children reach grade second, they begin to ask “why” all over again and they are much more likely to understand the answers then ever before. Here are a few instructions that you need to follow if your child is going into grade second.


Your child must be able to write his first and last name correctly by using the correct capital and lower –case letters.

  • Try to make your child learn to speak and write home address and phone number.
  • You also need to ensure that your child can read the first hundred basic sight words. Many lists can be found over the internet, just type “free sightword lists” in your favorite search engine and you will have them all. Some website have the lists available with the grade level.
  • Also make sure that your child can write numbers to 100 as well. They must be able to say the numbers too.
  • Teach your child to tell time to the hour and half hour in both analog and digital clocks.
  • Make your child practice the values of coins, like half dollar, quarter, nickel, dime and penny.
  • Child must know the days of week and the months of year in the correct order, also should know current month and year.
  • Practice with your child addition and subtraction facts to 10. Though it is not easy for the kids to memorize this, but there must be some strategy through which child can add and subtract. It can be done by counting using a number line or by any other method other then counting on fingers.
  • Make your child read, you can do this by reading with your child. The more exposure to books a child gets the better reader he can become in future; he would be better in comprehending than other kids.
  • Make sure that your child can tell or say something on what he did in the summer. Most teachers ask kids about any activity that they did during the summer and they may even require writing it down. So your child must be able to say something. “Nothing” and “I don’t know” are not accepted by the teachers.

Besides this, make your child practice a lot of reading and writing, as he would require writing independently in the grade second. You can ask your child to make the grocery list, this would provide him with an opportunity to think and write too. Such activities are very necessary for the kids, especially when in summer they are at home and have nothing to do. Update your child with whatever he needs to know before getting into grade second, otherwise your kid may lack behind from the rest of his class mates.