Kids of this age are mentally not ready to memories or understand the complicated concepts. At this stage they need to be taught by performing the projects practically. So you have to encourage the activities that help to promote and enhance their understanding of several things. They need to be thought through projects and activities to build their understanding of the world around them in an enjoyable way. Though they would be playing, but actually they are learning.


You can help the kids with a science project to show them the life cycle of a seed. You can use the egg shells, halves, paper cups or the plastic ports to plant a seed in. Help your child with filling the cup with soil. Make your child understand how soil gives food that plant needs in order to grow. Help the child plant seeds in her cup and choose the seeds that easily grow soon come out in the form of a healthy plant, like sunflower and lettuce. Keep the plant in your kitchen window or in your child’s room window where it can have the sunlight too. Water the plants whenever your feel necessary.

Keep on showing the plant to your child as it grows. Make your child understand that leaves always reach out to have the sunshine and that is exactly how the seed knows which way to grow. If the plant that your child grows is edible, such as lettuce, use them for the snack of your child once it grows big enough.

Seasons: Make you three to four years old child understand that there are four different seasons. You can make a seasonal tree to display this at school or in your own home. Create the tree trunk and branches from brown paper and hand on the wall to display.

In order to show season like autumn, make the leaves in fall colors. You can walk around the neighborhood to collect the dry leaves, pods, fallen seeds etc and stick them over the branches of the tree. Explain your child that fall is when the trees and plants shed their leaves and get ready to rest in the winter.

In the winter, you can remove all the tree leaves and leave it bare, also make your child understand that the tree is resting in the winter. Make your child understand that winter is when it’s too cold and night lasts much longer than the daytime.

For spring, collect the fallen flowers from the trees and new leaves. Stick them over the tree and explain your child that the plants are now waking up. Trees need new leaves to absorb the sunlight to grow and make new seeds. Gradually the day gets longer and much warmer.

In order to display summer on the tree, explain that the tree is collecting plenty of strength from the sun to make more seeds and fruits. Summer is the time to play out during the longer days.