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What children should learn in Pre-K?

Nowadays it has become a common trend to send children in preschool before the age of 3. Studies have also proved that working moms can send their kids to preschool for better learning. This is the most important stage of every child where they start the learning. Many parents wonder what their children should learn in the preschool. There are many preschools that start teaching contents like structures and functions of the brain. At this stage the kids are really young however their teachers strongly believe that the children are learning and understanding the content. Remember 90 percent of the child’s brain develops within the age of 5 years, so these first few years of children are very crucial. For most of the children, preschool is their first experience in an organized setting with teachers and group of children. They get an opportunity to learn and share may things among them. Slowly they begin to follow the instructions given by their teacher. They build a foundation and prepare themselves for the elementary school. Kids are not taught anything technical in the preschools; however they help to promote the children socially and emotionally. For any learning to take place, it is important that the children feel comfortable and he is well-cared. This is the stage where a 3 years old child begins to develop trusty relationship outside his/her family. Many...

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Importance of teaching Healthy Eating Habits

Healthy eating habits play a significant role in staying fit and healthy. Teaching your children healthy eating habits means to keep them at a healthy weight. The healthy eating habits that your children learn would help them maintain a healthy lifestyle for their entire remaining life. One of the most important things that contribute to healthy eating is cutting down of unnecessary fat intake. There are several ways to reduce the amount of fat intake, eating nonfat dairy products, poultry without skin, lean meats, low-fat or fat- free breads and cereals. Once your kids get use to eating low fat or non fat food, they start staying healthy. Though it is never difficult for a mother to decide what is healthy for her kids and what is not. Even then if you face any issue or you are not sure of certain thing, you can consult a doctor and he would help you know how to prepare a variety of foods for your family. For this matter it is better if you see a dietitian for the nutrition counseling. It is very important that you do not place your child on a preventive diet, until and unless your doctor has said so for any medical reasons. Never put your children at a restrictive diet in order to lose weight.  However there are a few other healthy eating habits that...

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Importance of a solid learning foundation for children

There are many things besides the basic necessities that parents have to provide their kids. It is very essential for them to provide safety, education, discipline, and unconditional love to their children. Once your children build up a strong learning foundation they will peruse a successful and happy life in the future. It is the duty of the parents to set rules for their children, and teach them morals and values and let them know all the knowledge that they need for their daily life. It is entirely the job of parents to guide their children and provide them a positive direction that they can follow. Kids must have a steady routine to follow daily; you must keep in mind that your kids are not grown and they can not make any decision on their own, so being a parent you have to make sure that the kids abide by your rules. Sometimes kids seem to be disobedient and in most of the cases this happens because they do not know what’s better for them. You have to familiarize your children with what’s right and what is wrong. It is simply impossible to make your children learn at once, it is a gradual process that may take years. Parents have to teach their child principles of spending a good life as they grow. Try to teach your kids right...

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