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What should my child know prior fourth grade

At this stage teachers say children experience a shift from “learning to read” to “reading to learn”. In the grade four students are expected to use reference books and internet to find the information they require for their daily home work. In the fourth grade, math and other subjects become more challenging and so will the homework. So it might take you an extra hour of your time daily to complete your homework. Fourth grade is also challenging because it prepares you for the middle school. Here in this article you would find a general guideline that would help you prepare your child for the grade four. The most important thing is to make sure that your child has full hold over all the things that were taught to him in grade three. The new grade is based on the knowledge of the previous year. So it’s important that your child knows what has been already taught to him in grade three. Fourth Grade Social Skills: By the time your child gets to grade four, he would be gravitating towards certain friends. Your child would begin to make more prominent friendship choices. He would also start becoming more responsible and would begin to work in mush organized manner. Skills that are required during the 4th Grade: In the grade four teaching takes place a quite faster pace; this can...

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What should my child know prior third grade

In the elementary school many new things are introduced to the child. Each new grade is based upon the knowledge of the previous grade. So the students need to prepare themselves for more difficult learning in the middle and high school. There are many things that a child needs to know by the time he gets to grade three, while he will learn many new things in that year of his school. ENGLISH: In the grade second, students are taught the basics of reading and writing. So by the time a student reaches to grade three, he must be able to read books and stories comprehensively. They must also be able to write in print. By the time a student gets to third grade, his language skills are improved. There vocabulary starts to expand; they learn the ability to reason, hold conversation and debate on several subjects.By the time a student gets to third grade, he must know how to use dictionary to look up the meanings of difficult words. MATHS: In the grade second, math’s lessons are kept quite simple so that the students can get enough time to use the numbers. Therefore it is necessary that students entering in grade third know addition and subtraction of single and double digit numbers. It would be a plus point if student knows multiplication too. In the third grade, students...

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What should my child know prior second grade

Before getting to second grade children need to polish their reading and writing skills that were introduced in the kindergarten and grade first. When children reach grade second, they begin to ask “why” all over again and they are much more likely to understand the answers then ever before. Here are a few instructions that you need to follow if your child is going into grade second. INSTRUCTIONS: Your child must be able to write his first and last name correctly by using the correct capital and lower –case letters. Try to make your child learn to speak and write home address and phone number. You also need to ensure that your child can read the first hundred basic sight words. Many lists can be found over the internet, just type “free sightword lists” in your favorite search engine and you will have them all. Some website have the lists available with the grade level. Also make sure that your child can write numbers to 100 as well. They must be able to say the numbers too. Teach your child to tell time to the hour and half hour in both analog and digital clocks. Make your child practice the values of coins, like half dollar, quarter, nickel, dime and penny. Child must know the days of week and the months of year in the correct order, also should...

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What should my child know prior first grade

There are definitely many things that your child needs to have grasped of prior to first grade. It is quite obvious that some children might be able to learn and remember the entire things taught prior to grade one, while others may not catch up or remember for longer period of time. The more familiar your child would be with these concepts and the ideas the better. It would be quite helpful to the child when he/she gets to first grade, things would become quite easier then. First and the most essential thing for your child is to have a good command over the language. Make sure that your children have had various educational experiences in terms of language. These experiences may include oral language practice, vocabulary and various others language concepts. Child must be able to explain and use words to describe what is happening to them. They must also know different colors and shapes. Kids should be able to categories things, like animals, furniture, buildings, and plants. Make your child learn that they books or stories that they read must be read from left to right. At this stage, it’s important that your child knows that the spaces in between words are used to separate words from on another. A child must be aware of the basic speech sounds. For instance, if a child speaks a word...

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What should my child know prior to Kindergarten?

Children start learning from the moment they are born. They start absorbing information very quickly. Childhood development studies have proved that more then 90 percent of the child’s brain develops before the age of 5. Parents are the major teachers of children and they can make sure that learning a few important skills would contribute their child’s future success in school. Here in this article you would come to know about several skills that your child needs to have before entering into kindergarten. Keep in mind that developing children need to have these skills by the age of 5 or 6. There are also pre-k guidebooks available that can help parents know what their child should know prior to entering kindergarten. Children under the age of 5 needs to have the following skills before they join kindergarten: Math Skills:  You kid must be able to classify toys into categories. He/she must be able to count to 10. Encourage your child to count numbers. Also make your child recognize different sizes. Your child must be able to grasp concepts like more, less, bigger, smaller, first and last. Science Skills: The child must have the ability to use and understand all the five senses. For instance it’s important that they know the difference between hot and cold, and how a flower smells and a shoe smells. You should also make your...

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