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kids learn There is a fun and simple way to get your kids started recognizing some basic words. You can do it easily without even having to spend any money – you label all of the things in your house. The kids will enjoy getting involved in the ongoing process of labeling things, as well. You will need some small strips of paper (you might adjust the size according to the item you are labeling), a pair of scissors, a pen or marker, and some tape. You just go through the house room by room, looking for things to label. Say, for instance, we started in the kitchen. Some things in the kitchen we could label are: cabinet, microwave, refrigerator, drawer. Labels might not stick on the oven or the dishwasher when they heat up – and when the dishwasher blows out steam. There are lots and lots of opportunities in the kitchen for naming things, though. You could even keep a stack of paper on the counter and when you come back from the store once a week, you and your child can label cereal boxes, etc. Constant repetition of these basic words will help your child recognize them by sight and can also begin to help with letter recognition. This is a very basic step in the learning to read process and will not help with phonics...

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Talk To Your Baby And Build Their Language And Literacy Competency

As crazy as it sounds, developing children’s literacy skills actually begins during pregnancy. When mothers talk to their babies while they’re still in the womb many researches believe that is actually the first step in language development. One thing for sure is that babies get used to the sound of their mother’s voice and perhaps when they are born, that familiarity lends itself to quicker recognition and a fast bond after birth. Of course when babies are born, it is very helpful to them for their parents to continue speaking. Babies will start to recognize sounds and get to know gestures and facial expressions. Babies learn so much from the sights and sounds around them and will begin, almost immediately, to try to imitate the sounds their parents make. This is all part of the process of babies figuring out how we, as humans, communicate with each other.  They will start to recognize how we relay information to each other in narrative form and begin to learn how to do that themselves. We begin to see babies’ story-telling skills emerge in the toddler days when they launch into those long, animated baby monologues. When we listen intently to one of these stories that babies tell, it is almost like we can actually follow along, because, the child is so excited in relaying the details to us. It is very...

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Kids Learning Websites Summer Reading Activities

kids learning websites It is so important to keep our children’s brains engaged over the summer months, so they don’t lose their place in academics. Studies have shown that children fall three months behind in the learning progress they’ve made when they don’t do anything in the summer to keep up. Staying academically active in the summer doesn’t have to be dry and boring, though. There are many creative ways to keep the wheels in your child’s brains rolling! Have a themed dinner night for family and friends. Pick a theme, like maybe the 1950s or even carnivals, and have everyone dress up according to your theme. Find coordinating foods for your theme to serve to everyone. And most importantly, have lots of books on hand about your theme. After dinner, everyone can take turns reading all of the books together. A great way to bring new life to old books is to have a book swap party. Invite some friends to gather up old books they no longer want and bring them over. As everyone comes in, take their books and set them all up on a table so they are easy to browse. Have your guests gather and mingle in the living room, but, set the books up in the dining room. Once everyone has arrived, file into the dining room so that everyone can choose some...

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Closing of “Your Baby Can Read”

Well, I am a bit surprised at the announcing of “Your Baby Can Read” company closing.  Read News release below… By staff and wires The company that persuaded hundreds of thousands of parents to buy Your Baby Can Read products is going out of business, citing the high cost of fighting complaints alleging its ads were false. The company announced its decision in a notice on its website. “Regretfully, the cost of fighting recent legal issues has left us with no option but to cease business operations. While we vehemently deny any wrongdoing, and strongly believe in our...

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Kids Learn to Manage Money

Throughout the Financial Literacy Month of April that is coming to a close, I was preoccupied with thinking of ways to teach my young children to be financially responsible. I do not want them to end up like many people in this economy who lose their jobs and find that they have no savings nor investments. According to one survey, 6 out of 10 workers have less than $25,000 in emergency saving and investments, excluding their home and benefits plan. Many of them have more credit card debt than emergency savings. Also, only 14% of Americans are confident that they have enough money to live comfortably in retirement. These statistics show that many Americans do not manage their finances – a skill that can be developed from childhood. With the economic reality our kids are facing in the future, it is not enough to just teach them to be smart, excel in academics, sports, music and make lots of money. It is also important for us to guide our children on how to be financially responsible, save, learn the benefits of budgeting, and avoid debt. Below are some tips on how to encourage your child how to management money wisely and develop beneficial habits such as saving, budgeting, and spending responsibly from money he receives: • A pre-school child can begin learning how to save when he receives gift...

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