Children start learning from the moment they are born. They start absorbing information very quickly. Childhood development studies have proved that more then 90 percent of the child’s brain develops before the age of 5. Parents are the major teachers of children and they can make sure that learning a few important skills would contribute their child’s future success in school.

Here in this article you would come to know about several skills that your child needs to have before entering into kindergarten. Keep in mind that developing children need to have these skills by the age of 5 or 6. There are also pre-k guidebooks available that can help parents know what their child should know prior to entering kindergarten.

Children under the age of 5 needs to have the following skills before they join kindergarten:

  • Math Skills:  You kid must be able to classify toys into categories. He/she must be able to count to 10. Encourage your child to count numbers. Also make your child recognize different sizes. Your child must be able to grasp concepts like more, less, bigger, smaller, first and last.
  • Science Skills: The child must have the ability to use and understand all the five senses. For instance it’s important that they know the difference between hot and cold, and how a flower smells and a shoe smells. You should also make your child differentiate various textures; they should be able to identify soft, sticky and prickly.  Your kids must also be able to identify at least ten colors and about four basic shapes. Ask you child to identify several colors and shapes from your house.  Your child must know names of animals, you can use a magazine, book and visit zoo to teach your child names of animals.
  • Reading Skills: It’s important for your child to know the alphabets. You should teach every alphabet one by one without using the flash cards. You can also write your child name and help him lean letters and words of his name. This way the child would also learn spoken language and would begin to link it to words.  Likewise your child must be able to identify days of the week.
  • Physical development: Your child must also be physically developed and know how to hold a pencil, crayon or any other writing tool. For this purpose you can provide extra pen and paper to promote dexterity.

Your child must also have the ability to walk, run, jump, climb, and throw and catch ball. Spend some time with your child and play with him in either your own garden or the park near by your home.

Social skills: your child must also learn the social skills before entering into kindergarten. Teach your child worlds like “please” and “thank you”. This will make the personality of your child more polite and he/she would also have the common courtesy.