There are definitely many things that your child needs to have grasped of prior to first grade. It is quite obvious that some children might be able to learn and remember the entire things taught prior to grade one, while others may not catch up or remember for longer period of time. The more familiar your child would be with these concepts and the ideas the better. It would be quite helpful to the child when he/she gets to first grade, things would become quite easier then.

First and the most essential thing for your child is to have a good command over the language. Make sure that your children have had various educational experiences in terms of language. These experiences may include oral language practice, vocabulary and various others language concepts. Child must be able to explain and use words to describe what is happening to them. They must also know different colors and shapes. Kids should be able to categories things, like animals, furniture, buildings, and plants.

Make your child learn that they books or stories that they read must be read from left to right. At this stage, it’s important that your child knows that the spaces in between words are used to separate words from on another. A child must be aware of the basic speech sounds. For instance, if a child speaks a word like “dog”, he must know that there are several sounds involved in this word “d”, “aw”, and “g”.

Prior to entering in the grade first, your child must be aware of and familiar with alphabet. Kid must be able to match a picture with its first letter. At this stage the child must be able to at least recognize his/her name. Being able to write or print her name would be also quite helpful. This way the child would be able to recognize the letters of alphabet very earlier. She must also be able to know how these letters sound; you can make your child practice this at home.

Depending upon your country, school, and teachers there might be various other things that your child needs to know before entering into grade one. So it would be quite better to visit the school before time and ask the teachers what extra things your child needs to know prior to getting admission in first grade.

Always remember that it’s very important for your child to learn what he needs to know before getting admission into the next grade. Otherwise there would be many things that your child would not know when he /she starts going to school. This may cause many problems for both you and your child and your child may lack behind from the rest of his/her class mates. So take some time out and see what your child needs to know before entering to grade first, and if there are things that your child needs to improve, help your kid learn them.