Nowadays it has become a common trend to send children in preschool before the age of 3. Studies have also proved that working moms can send their kids to preschool for better learning. This is the most important stage of every child where they start the learning. Many parents wonder what their children should learn in the preschool.

There are many preschools that start teaching contents like structures and functions of the brain. At this stage the kids are really young however their teachers strongly believe that the children are learning and understanding the content. Remember 90 percent of the child’s brain develops within the age of 5 years, so these first few years of children are very crucial.

For most of the children, preschool is their first experience in an organized setting with teachers and group of children. They get an opportunity to learn and share may things among them. Slowly they begin to follow the instructions given by their teacher. They build a foundation and prepare themselves for the elementary school.

Kids are not taught anything technical in the preschools; however they help to promote the children socially and emotionally. For any learning to take place, it is important that the children feel comfortable and he is well-cared. This is the stage where a 3 years old child begins to develop trusty relationship outside his/her family. Many preschools offer high quality programs that assist children in creating a warm relationship among children, teachers and parents. Children start to flourish as they receive consistent care from home and their preschool. It is right that teachers play a vital role in shaping the personality of a child; however a huge responsibility also lies on parents. They should try to provide as good environment to children at home as possible. Parents should also get daily reports on their child’s activities and attend the regular meetings that are held by the preschool teachers.

As discussed earlier, children at this stage learn the basics of their foundation, however much focused in laid on the grooming of the children. These early years of a child are the most teachable years of every child. Young children learn social skills and emotional self control. The expert teachers of a preschool help children control their anger and frustration. Children do not automatically resolve their own conflicts; teachers are so expert that they let children work out their own issues. Without making it shaming for the child they make them learn and notice the impact of their behavior on other child.

Children get a chance to learn all the basics and essentials that lead them towards a successful path to success when they are in school. Kindergarten is more academic due to which parents decide to put their kids in preschools. In the preschools children also learn pre-math and pre-literacy skills that help them grow up too fast.