Now days, kindergarten is not too young to teach a child how to use a telephone. It’s a skill that every child must learn under the social studies topics. It also helps to learn the numbers as children practice this over and over again.

While you are teaching your child, you are actually facing one big problem. You do not want the phone to be billed even for a minute, and you would not this experiment run so freely.

Here is a phone that you can make with your child, to teach him its use. You can make a couple of them and let your child use them to practice the important numbers in your family. Here is what you would need to make a telephone.

What You Need:

  • Piece of card stock paper, in any color
  • Pack of ¾” round stickers, any color (available in office supply stores)
  • Pack of ¼” sticker “dots” in a different color (also available in office supply stores)
  • Small post-its
  • Markers
  • Scissors


  • You would first need to cut a cordless phone from hard card paper. It should be 8- 1/2 long and 3 in widths. Then copy the features of the phone that your family uses the most. Help your child copy the features of the key; the screen at the top showing the number.
  • In the area of buttons, make your child stick on the number stickers for each number, 1-9 and 0, as they appear on your phone. Let him write numbers in his best handwriting.
  • You can stick your family’s phone number at the screen area. Make your child dial it until he can do it from his memory. Gradually make your child learn the cell phone number too.

In kindergarten kids are taught key community services around them like police, hospital, and phone services. Through such activities kids not only learn about the social skills but they get a chance to know and learn many other things too.