In addition to academic skills, there is a plethora of life skills that your child needs to know, that can’t be taught from books. Life skills must be taught by example, through conversation, and by allowing your child to take an active part in performing some of the skills. Let them make mistakes because sometimes that is the only way we learn. Just be there to talk them through it so that they won’t make the same mistake again. There are several areas of life skills that are essential for your child to learn: social, happiness, practical, financial, success, and thinking skills. Below are some ideas for how to teach these valuable life skills to your children.


Financial Skills

 Teach your child easy budgeting skills, along with what is involved with budgeting. Have your child pay a bill – give them the money and show them how to write a check or pay it online. Talk to your child about investing. This one’s a little harder to show them hands-on, but talking with them will give them a basic concept of investing. Teach your child frugality by having them clip and sort coupons with you. Take them along with you to the grocery store and have them match the products to the coupons. If they’re old enough, you can have them calculate how much was saved with the coupons. Also teaching them how to control impulse buying is a critical skill when learning about frugality. Discuss with your child about what credit is, how it is used, the responsibility for paying it back, etc. Talk to them about retirement and how it’s important to save money for retirement. And we need to teach our children about charity, and how it helps others who have less than we do. Volunteering can also be a good way to teach them about charity.


Thinking Skills

Teach your child critical thinking skills by having them learn how to ask and find out about things.Readingskills can be taught by having them learn about things through the Internet. They should also be taught how to assess what they read for credibility, reason, and trustworthiness.


Success Skills

You can teach your child to have success skills by encouraging positive thinking, encouraging motivation, resisting procrastination, and having passion towards others.


Social Skills

Social skills can be taught by teaching your children that they don’t have to be competitive all the time, and that making friends is much better than having enemies. Teach them about compassion and love by caring for others and sharing with others. Listening skills are critical in any social situation. Teach them how to listen for details and how to listen for understanding. Conversation skills can be taught by encouraging your children to talk with you, instead of being lectured.


Practical Skills

You can teach your child why cars are needed, how to take care of them, and what to do if it breaks down. Teach them how to fix things around the house and when it’s necessary to call a professional. Teach them how to clean and tidy. Start by having them keep their room and belongings clean and tidy. Then, show them how to clean/tidy other areas of the house. Show them how to keep things organized in all areas of their life.


Happiness Skills

Teach your child to think in the present; not the past or the future. Teach them how to enjoy “now”. They should also be taught how to find purpose in life, for whatever is appropriate. Teach them how to develop intimate relationships, by engaging in one with them. Talk about the importance of intimate relationships, as well as how to overcome problems that may arise in intimate relationships.