Your child has a style of learning, like every one else, your child learns best in one particular way or another. First let us define  learning styles.

Learning styles, describe the general ways humans learn and what are the predominates style that works best for the individual. In general the the styles are:

  • visual learners – The eyes have it, these people learn by seeing, others, perform task, reading and watching.
  • auditory learners – enjoy hearing, perhaps a child that can play music from simply hearing, come to mind
  • kinesthetic learners or tactile learners – must do the thing. The are active and want to get there hands dirty, they want to touch, feel, do.

Obviously as we think of our children, we realize some learning may be dictated by age, most people would think that a child, that cannot read might be at an dis-advantage, but we often overlook or underestimate the of power auditory learning for a  child who preference is for auditory learning. We can all think of kids that talk sooner and faster then other kids their age. Consider, the size of a child vocabulary by the time they enter the education system. In many case, some children are hampered, waiting on the system to catch-up with their abilities, because they have already amassed a huge vocabulary, because their learning style is auditory.

What if your child style of learning is visual? Often these children are label as being very mechanical, or good with their hands, but more likely, they are great visual learners and are watching someone and learning to perform task very quickly, while a child with an auditory style preference, may struggle, because the task at hand may not require a great deal of talking.  This is a good time to consider that in general we all have a dominant style, so you can imagine when a child with a strong preference for visual style learning and a strong secondary preference for kinesthetic learning (tactile learning), would start to play a instrument early in life.

In general, your child will use all three and do not forget, that special style that is almost exclusive to young children, that is the learning style of  tasting, they want to put everything in their mouth.

Learning your child’s learning style early in life, will be a major benefit for you and the child, it will save you years if frustration and allow your child to quickly reach their full potential.

Until next time, remember you child loves to and can learn.