There are many things besides the basic necessities that parents have to provide their kids. It is very essential for them to provide safety, education, discipline, and unconditional love to their children. Once your children build up a strong learning foundation they will peruse a successful and happy life in the future.

It is the duty of the parents to set rules for their children, and teach them morals and values and let them know all the knowledge that they need for their daily life. It is entirely the job of parents to guide their children and provide them a positive direction that they can follow.

Kids must have a steady routine to follow daily; you must keep in mind that your kids are not grown and they can not make any decision on their own, so being a parent you have to make sure that the kids abide by your rules. Sometimes kids seem to be disobedient and in most of the cases this happens because they do not know what’s better for them. You have to familiarize your children with what’s right and what is wrong.

It is simply impossible to make your children learn at once, it is a gradual process that may take years. Parents have to teach their child principles of spending a good life as they grow. Try to teach your kids right from wrong. Teach your children manners, respects for themselves and for the elders. They must know how they have to behave at school and other public places.

Every child has his own privileges, luxuries and desires. It is the child who has to earn them-if not given to him. Each child has some duties and forced to stay committed to the responsibilities. They must perform all the duties including their homework, only then they should be allowed to watch television, listening to radio, playing games or any other task of entertainment. They should be assigned homework even when they are off from their schools.

It’s also very important to spend some time with your kids on discussing several things, so that their innocent minds began to develop ideas about life. This way you would also get a chance to rectify your kids. Always remember that kids at young stage have a plain and clear mind and whatever you would teach them they will follow it for the rest of their lives.

If you are a single parent then you have to be even more careful in developing a solid learning foundation for your kids. There are many things that father can teach their kids and so parents can distribute among themselves what they have to teach. But a single parent has to make sure that the kids are growing an independent life where they can establish stability for themselves.