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Science Learning Activities for Pre-K-Green House Balloon

Children are naturally curious, and science experiments are a great way to learn about the world around them. In this science activity, you can help your child make a greenhouse balloon. Children will learn how greenhouses protect plants from harsh weather and hungry animals. For this activity, you will need the following materials: Book: Out and About at the Greenhouse by Bitsy Kemper Clear balloon Funnel ½  cup of dirt (for each child) ¼ cup of water (for each child) Radish seeds Sturdy string or twine Plastic cup or bowl (optional) Steps to Build a Greenhouse Balloon: 1.      Place the neck of the balloon over the short end of the funnel. This will allow your child to pour the dirt in with minimal spilling. 2.      Have your child the half-cup of dirt into the balloon, slowly and carefully. 3.      Have your child pour the water into the balloon to make the soil wet. 4.      While the balloon is still on the funnel, have your child drop a few radish seeds down into the balloon. 5.      Take the balloon off of the funnel, and blow gently into the balloon to inflate it slightly. 6.      Make a knot in the balloon and tie a piece of string or twine to the balloon knot. 7.      Hang the balloon somewhere near a window, if possible. If you can’t find a place to hang the balloon, place...

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Life Skills Your Child Needs to Know

  In addition to academic skills, there is a plethora of life skills that your child needs to know, that can’t be taught from books. Life skills must be taught by example, through conversation, and by allowing your child to take an active part in performing some of the skills. Let them make mistakes because sometimes that is the only way we learn. Just be there to talk them through it so that they won’t make the same mistake again. There are several areas of life skills that are essential for your child to learn: social, happiness, practical, financial, success, and thinking skills. Below are some ideas for how to teach these valuable life skills to your children.   Financial Skills  Teach your child easy budgeting skills, along with what is involved with budgeting. Have your child pay a bill – give them the money and show them how to write a check or pay it online. Talk to your child about investing. This one’s a little harder to show them hands-on, but talking with them will give them a basic concept of investing. Teach your child frugality by having them clip and sort coupons with you. Take them along with you to the grocery store and have them match the products to the coupons. If they’re old enough, you can have them calculate how much was saved with...

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Activities to Teach Compassion to Kindergarten Children

Teaching compassion should be an ongoing process. Children are exposed to many things every day in which compassion should be the appropriate response. Sharing, friendship, love, respect, and charity are all traits associated with compassion. The Coin Jar This is an ongoing activity that will teach the children that one small act can grow into many acts of kindness. This particular act will grow into sharing and caring. For this activity you will need the following materials: 32-oz (or larger) plastic jug or jar Permanent marker Sequins or other small decorative items Liquid glue Several coins First, decide on a donation project with your children. Examples include the rainforest, a homeless shelter, women’s shelter, Habitat for Humanity, etc. Label the jar with the name of the foundation to which you will be donating. Have your child decorate the jar sparingly with the decorative items, using the liquid glue (you will want to leave some see-through spaces so you can gauge how much the coins are filling up the jar). Begin the project by putting several coins in the jar and encourage your child to put spare change from his/her allowance or change they find on the sidewalk, etc. into the jar. Once the jar fills up, start another jar. Make sure you discuss with your children the importance of the activity. Explain to them that you are showing compassion...

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