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June | 2013 | My Child Can Learn
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Archive | June, 2013

kids Learn

June 18, 2013


kids learnLocal Babysitter Listings There is a fun and simple way to get your kids started recognizing some basic words. You can do it easily without even having to spend any money – you label all of the things in your house. The kids will enjoy getting involved in the ongoing process of labeling things, […]

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Talk To Your Baby And Build Their Language And Literacy Competency

June 8, 2013


As crazy as it sounds, developing children’s literacy skills actually begins during pregnancy. When mothers talk to their babies while they’re still in the womb many researches believe that is actually the first step in language development. One thing for sure is that babies get used to the sound of their mother’s voice and perhaps […]

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Kids Learning Websites Summer Reading Activities

June 3, 2013


kids learning websites It is so important to keep our children’s brains engaged over the summer months, so they don’t lose their place in academics. Studies have shown that children fall three months behind in the learning progress they’ve made when they don’t do anything in the summer to keep up. Staying academically active in […]

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